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The product will be delivered within 30 days at the latest from the contract date. All responsibility belongs to the SELLER until the delivery of the product. The prices listed and announced on the site are the sales price. Announced prices and promises are valid until updated and changed. The prices announced for a period are valid until the end of the specified period. However, the current price to be notified by the seller to the customer is valid for price differences that are misspelled incorrectly and have not been updated with the late notification of the supplier. In case of error, if more than the amount of goods / services are withdrawn, the difference is returned. If the real price of the good / service is different from the advertised, the real price is notified to the buyer. According to the customer's request, the sale is made at the real price or the sale is canceled.


Payments can be made by credit card, eft or money order. If you pay in installments; By arranging campaigns, your bank can apply more than the number of installments you choose and offer services such as installment translation. These kinds of campaigns are at the discretion of your bank and if they are within the knowledge of our company, information about the campaigns is given on our pages. In addition, the bank may not distribute the installment amounts equally to the months, taking into account the odd differences. Creating your detailed payment plan is at the discretion of your bank.


Delivery of the goods / services is made to the address requested by the buyer. If the buyer requests delivery from someone else to another address from his / her own address, delivery is made according to this request. Delivery costs belong to the Buyer. If the seller declares on the website that the shopping fee above the announced amount will be covered by the delivery fee, the delivery cost belongs to the Seller. Delivery of goods / services is done by cargo companies. Before taking the consumer, the goods must be examined and must not receive the defective and damaged goods from the representative of the cargo company. The buyer accepts that the product received from the cargo is intact and undamaged. The buyer has the responsibility to inspect the goods before delivery. For the delivery of the goods / services subject to the order, a signed copy of the distance sales contract must be delivered to the Seller and the price must be paid in the form of payment preferred by the Buyer. If for any reason the price of the goods / services is not paid or canceled in the bank records, the Seller is deemed to have been freed from the obligation to deliver the goods / services.


The buyer can use the right of withdrawal within 14 (fourteen) days from the delivery of the goods / service subject to the contract to him or to the person / organization at the address he / she shows. Notification of the seller by fax, e-mail or telephone (0212 284 8433) within the same period for the exercise of the right of withdrawal and article 15 of the good / service. In accordance with the provisions and preliminary information published on the website, which is an integral part of this contract, the packaging and its contents must not be damaged while trying. If this right is exercised, it is obligatory to return the original invoice for the goods / services delivered to the 3rd person or the Buyer. The goods / services fee is returned to the Buyer within 7 days of the notice of the right of withdrawal and goods / services are returned within 20 (twenty) days. If the original invoice is not sent, VAT and other legal obligations, if any, cannot be refunded. The delivery cost of the goods / services returned due to the right of withdrawal shall be borne by the Seller.


In terms of quality, goods / services that cannot be returned are goods / services that deteriorate rapidly and have expired, disposable goods / services, and all kinds of software and programs that can be copied. In addition, the packaging of the goods / services has not been opened, intact and unused in order to exercise the right of withdrawal in all kinds of software and programs, DVD, DIVX, VCD, CD, MD, video cassettes, computer and stationery consumables (toner, cartridge, ribbon etc.) and cosmetic materials. There is a requirement.


Any communication fee belongs to the Buyer.


Delivery; It is made as soon as possible after the stock is available and the cost of the goods is transferred to the Seller's account. Natural disasters, weather opposition etc. There may be delays due to force majeure. The seller delivers the goods / services within 30 (Thirty) days from the order and reserves the right to extend an additional 10 (ten) days with written notification within this period.


Complaints and objections of consumers: If you have a complaint about the product subject to your order and / or your order and / or any subject related to your order, you can send your complaints to the SELLER via the contact information mentioned above or the contact information specified on the website Your complaint applications you have submitted will be recorded immediately, evaluated by authorized units and tried to be resolved, and you will be returned as soon as possible. In addition, you can make your complaint applications directly to the Consumer Issues Arbitration Panel or to the Consumer Court where your location is located or where the consumer transaction is made. (Within the monetary limits determined by the Ministry of Customs and Trade in December every year, the monetary limits for the Consumer Arbitration Committees to be in charge and authorized to deal with disputes; the upper monetary limit for the county consumer arbitration committees is 2,400 TL, for provincial consumer arbitration committees in provinces with metropolitan status. monetary limit is between 2.400 TL and 3.610 TL, upper monetary limit is 3.610 TL for provincial consumer arbitration committees in the centers of provinces that do not have metropolitan status, and monetary limit is 2.400 to 3.610 TL for provincial consumer arbitration committees in districts that do not have metropolitan status.)