You can return the product you received to our company address within 14 business days from the date of delivery, with a note attached to your invoice issued by and your reason for return.

For returns;

• You must send your return products with a note stating the reason for the return.

• If the invoice of the product you want to return is corporate, you must send it together with the return invoice issued by the institution when returning the product. The return invoice must be issued without including the cargo share (product unit price + VAT). Order returns whose invoices are issued on behalf of the institutions will not be accepted unless the return invoice is issued.

General return conditions are as follows;
• Refunds must be made with the original box or packaging.

• Returns of products whose original box / packaging is degraded (eg: the cargo label is affixed on the original box and taped with a shipping duct tape) have lost its re-markability, and cannot be purchased by another customer.

• You must send the original invoice (all copies you have) with the product you want to return and a note with the reason for return.

• If the product / products you want to return are defective, the shipping fee is covered by our company. In this case, you should send by Yurtiçi Kargo. For returns and exchanges, the shipping fee belongs to the buyer. You can send the shipping company you want, at your own cost.

Return Conditions for Special Products
There is no refund in products designed for personal use. After the product is prepared for you, after the mutual agreement is achieved, the sales process is carried out.

Non-refundable products,

• Products produced or modified in line with the special requests and demands of the consumer,

• Products that require contact with the body (earbuds, on-ear headphones, etc.)

• The product is not suitable for resale,

• 14-day withdrawal right expires,

• The packaging is damaged, the protective gelatin on the screen has been removed, there are scratches on the product, etc. The return of products in condition is not acceptable.

The incoming product is first examined by us, if necessary, it is sent to the authorized service of the product or to the supplier firm for testing. This process is completed within 14 business days at the latest. If it complies with the above conditions, the refund process is started.

When the refund process is approved, if you wish, you can pay the return fee to your card or bank account within 2 business days at the latest, if you wish, you can use the refund as a shopping check.

After your return or exchange is confirmed, the amount of the product will be credited to the credit card or bank account you use, deducting the shipping charge.